Avalanche in Italian Alps

Two avalanches swept down in Italy's Aosta Valley yesterday. Three people were killed.

Powder snow avalanche
Powder snow avalanche

Both avalanches swept down in off-piste areas burying skiers in freeride areas. The first avalanche hit the area near Courmayeur, burying three skiers. Two people are still missing and three were seriously injured by rock debris falling from the avalanche. Yesterday, rescuers reported that the skiers were from Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Italy.

The second avalanche happened near La Thuile just before 1:00 pm, where two skiers went under the snow. Fortunately, they were pulled out from the snow in time and rescued. Alpine rescue teams arrived at the scene of the avalanches along with two helicopters.

The region is at avalanche danger level three on a five-step scale. It is caused by heavy snowfall and high winds. A similar situation takes place in Dolomites, where authorities advise against staying off designated pistes and trails.

Source: ANSA, PAP.

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