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Ischgl with a new 8-person lift


Ready for winter season 2016/2017
FlimjochbahnCopyright 2016 Paweł Gabryelewicz

Austrians to modernize the Flimspitze lift


No surprises in Ischgl this season. The Austrians stay committed to quality - so they have elected to replace the previous self-heating 4-person lift. The new one is 1840 m long and takes skiers to the altitude of 2757 m, where it meets the Flimsattelbahn station. The height difference stands at 456 meters, and the upgraded self-heating seats each offer space for 8, carried in comfort behind a windscreen. This brings the throughput to 3200 passengers per hour. Sadly, no such improvements in Samnaun on the Swiss side of the border this year.

Author:Paweł Gabryelewicz

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