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About us

What is SnowSpot?

SnowSpot is a ski resort comparison platform. We collect all the details, piste information and skipass prices to help you organize a winter holidays trip of your dreams. All in your local currency. Our platform is also a news feed and a knowledge base for winter sports enthusiasts.

We know that winter sports trip is a difficult task. Thanks to our constantly updated and already rich database of resorts along with up-to-date skipass prices and integrated geo-location services, we are able to help you choose a resort really matching your needs.

Also a huge part of our platform is the knowledge base of articles from the winter sports world and up-to-date news about recent developments and constructions in resorts.

The website is available in two languages: English and Polish. Currency exchange rates are calculated using official rates from national central banks.

Who we are?

The SnowSpot team consists of people with experience in IT production and marketing having one passion in common. We created this platform, because we all know, that organizing a dream ski trip for affordable money is a difficult thing. After a year of hard work, in 2016 the platform was released. It is constantly being improved and now it's a reliable source of the information about winter sports for users from both Poland and Europe.

SnowSpot in numbers

Skipass offers 17588
Resorts 124
Countries 11


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