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B8 Gratbahn, IschglCopyright 2016 Paweł Gabryelewicz


2872 m.a.s.l. 1400 m.a.s.l.
easy 17 km intermediate 61.5 km advanced 20.4 km skiroute 11.4 km


LiftLift nameLengthCapacity (per hour)Travel time.Lift type
A1Silvrettabahn3938 m344011 min.funitel
A2Pardatschgratbahn3424 m28009 min.3S gondola lift
A3Fimbabahn3847 m280015 min.gondola lift (MGD)
B1Velillbahn1464 m30005 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
B2Flimjochbahn1797 m32007 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
B3Idjochbahn1797 m30006 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
B4Greitspitzlift548 m14264 min.double T-bar lift
B5Sonnenbahn645 m24003 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
B6Übungslift Velill375 m7203 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
B7Übungslift Viderboden200 m7111 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
B8Gratbahn970 m23503 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
B9Förderband Übungsareal80 m19502 min.belt/fun belt
C1Höllbodenbahn917 m37003 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
C2Höllkarbahn1650 m32006 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
C3Sassgalunbahn380 m22404 min.fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
C4Nachtweidebahn1645 m24006 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
C5Lange Wand Bahn1545 m24006 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
D1Palinkopfbahn1586 m25005 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
D2Zeblasbahn1481 m24005 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
E1Paznauner Thayabahn1255 m24004 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
E2Höllspitzbahn1792 m24006 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
E3Bodenalpbahn726 m16155 min.fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
E4Gampenbahn2414 m22008 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
E5Piz Val Grondabahn2452 m13005 min.aerial tramway (ATW)
F1Velilleckbahn595 m14404 min.fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
F2Pardoramabahn1600 m17505 min.gondola lift (MGD)
G1Übungslift Mathon450 m11953 min.double T-bar lift
G2Schwarzwasserlift681 m7235 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
B10Förderband Viderböden80 m19502 min.belt/fun belt


PistePiste nameDifficultyLength
1Idalp - middle station Silvrettabahnintermediate4121 m
1middle station Silvrettabahn - Ischglintermediate3395 m
2Idalp - Höllbodeneasy1218 m
3Idalp - middle station Fimbaintermediate2153 m
4F1 mountain - middle station A2advanced3050 m
5Pardatschgrat Westabf. - middlestation A2intermediate3444 m
6Pardatschgrat - Idalpeasy2189 m
7Velilltal - Velilleckbahn valleyintermediate3665 m
8Velillbahn mountain - Idalpeasy2066 m
9Flimjoch Mountain - Idalpskiroute1538 m
10Flimjoch - Idalpintermediate2226 m
11Idjoch - Idalpeasy2263 m
12Idjoch - Höllbodenintermediate2915 m
13start piste elevenadvanced1021 m
13Greitspitze - Idalpintermediate2743 m
14Greitspitze - Idjochintermediate836 m
15Greitspitze - Höllkaradvanced2509 m
1avalley run - Pardatschgratintermediate3444 m
20Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn valleyadvanced1525 m
21Zeblasbahn mountain- Zeblasbahn valleyadvanced1931 m
22Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn valleyeasy3149 m
23Palinkopf valley - Höllbodeneasy1661 m
24Höllkarbahn mountain - Höllkarbahn valleyintermediate2140 m
25Sassgalun - Höllbodenintermediate652 m
26Höllkarskiroute861 m
2aIdalp - Nachtweide valleyintermediate947 m
2bideal for beginnerseasy1009 m
30Sassgalun - Paznauner Thayaintermediate1919 m
31Sassgalun - Paznauner Thayaintermediate886 m
32Höllspitz - Restaurant Schwarzwandintermediate1980 m
33advanced1993 m
34Höllspitz - Paznauner Thayaadvanced1538 m
35Höllspitz - Paznauner Thayaadvanced2091 m
36Paznauner Thaya - Bodenalpintermediate923 m
37Bodenalpbahn mountain - A3 middle stationintermediate5117 m
38Höllspitzbahn mountain - Gampenintermediate3198 m
39Palinkopf - Gampenalpskiroute2657 m
3askiroute886 m
40Palinkopf - Gampenalpintermediate5351 m
41Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Talintermediate2189 m
41Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Talskiroute1021 m
42Piz Val Gronda Bergstation - Piz Val Gronda Talstationintermediate2472 m
4aVelilleckbahn mountain - Velilleckbahn valleyskiroute763 m
5aPardatschgratintermediate590 m
6aPardatschgrat - Velillskiroute640 m
7aVelilleckbahn valley - Pardatschgrat valleyintermediate1820 m
7askiroute1144 m
12aIdjoch - Höllkareasy1624 m
14aGreitspitze - Höllkaradvanced2091 m
14bGreitspitze - Höllkaradvanced1587 m
14cGreitspitze - Höllkaradvanced1107 m
26aHöllkarskiroute1181 m
40aPalinkopf - Gampenalpintermediate1611 m
40aGampenalpskiroute738 m
40bGampenbahn valley - Bodenalpeeasy1513 m
40cGampenalpintermediate750 m
MathonMathoneasy344 m

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