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Stubaier Gletscher


SchaufelspitzeCC-BY-SA 3.0 Svíčková


3210 m.a.s.l. 1750 m.a.s.l.
beginner 0 km easy 21 km intermediate 14 km advanced 5 km expert 0 km


NoLift nameLengthCapacity (per hour)Travel time.Lift type
1Eisgratbahn I1875 m15006 min.gondola lift (MGD)
2Eisgratbahn II2288 m15007 min.gondola lift (MGD)
3Gamsgartenbahn I1905 m24006 min.gondola lift (MGD)
4Gamsgartenbahn II1569 m24005 min.gondola lift (MGD)
5Fernau930 m1191-double T-bar lift
6Fernau2064 m24007 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
7Pfaffengrat323 m12002 min.fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
8Gaisskarferner988 m1250-double T-bar lift
9Schaufeljochbahn1177 m24004 min.gondola lift (MGD)
10Eisjoch II988 m1197-double T-bar lift
11Eisjoch2268 m30008 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
12Rotadlbahn1354 m30005 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
13Murmelebahn499 m30005 min.fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
14Daunjochbahn1197 m1600-detachable chairlift (CLD)
15Daunferner 11620 m1440-double T-bar lift
16Daunferner 21146 m1428-double T-bar lift
17Windachferner500 m1160-double T-bar lift
18Wildspitz383 m1400-fixed grip chairlift (CLF)
19Kitzlift155 m649-T-bar/J-bar lift
20Daunscharte822 m11947 min.double T-bar lift

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