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Abetone-Val di Luce


Monte Gomito (1892 m a.s.l), AbetoneCopyright 2018 Paweł Gabryelewicz

The most popular local skiing resort located in Tuscany, on the slopes of Monte Gomito (1892 m a.s.l.) and in the valley of Val di Luce (1890-1512 m a.s.l.). Abetone and Val di Luce offer about 50 km of pistes with a vast majority equipped with snow making facilities. Because most of the slopes lie on the northern side of the mountain, the conditions are good between December and April despite being located in the southern Europe.


1892 m.a.s.l. 1240 m.a.s.l.
easy 21 km intermediate 23.6 km advanced 1.3 km

Resort map


PistePiste nameSubresortsDifficultyLengthLevel difference
6ChierroniAbetoneeasy2500 m421 m
7SellettaAbetoneeasy2200 m310 m
8Giulio FerrariAbetoneeasy195 m32 m
9Campo scuola AbetoneAbetoneeasy155 m27 m
10ForestoAbetoneintermediate700 m130 m
11RivaAbetoneintermediate1800 m328 m
12StucchiAbetoneintermediate3000 m570 m
13Monte Gomito 1Abetoneeasy1300 m182 m
14Monte Gomito 2Abetoneeasy1500 m182 m
15Zeno 1Abetoneadvanced1300 m350 m
16Zeno 2Abetoneintermediate2500 m570 m
17Variante Zeno 3 - Zeno 2Abetoneintermediate1300 m260 m
18Zeno 3Abetoneeasy2600 m570 m
19Pista da SlalomAbetoneeasy1300 m290 m
20Raccordo Pulicchio - Zeno 3Abetoneintermediate1000 m200 m
21SeghiAbetoneeasy2950 m570 m
22PulicchioAbetoneintermediate1300 m350 m
23Coppi 1Abetoneeasy1300 m350 m
24Coppi 2Abetoneintermediate2500 m570 m
25Raccordo Zeno 3 - PulicchioAbetoneeasy600 m50 m
26OttoVal di Luceintermediate2150 m275 m
28Passo d'AnnibaleVal di Luceintermediate2550 m295 m
29Tre PotenzeVal di Luceeasy3280 m370 m
30RoccioneVal di Luceintermediate1880 m220 m
32Celina SeghiVal di Luceintermediate2950 m380 m
33AbetinaVal di Luceeasy390 m67 m
34JollyVal di Luceeasy197 m20 m
35SprellaVal di Luceeasy570 m110 m

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