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Pian Cavallaro (1880 m a.s.l), Monte CimoneCopyright 2017 Paweł Gabryelewicz

A frequented by Italians resort located on the slopes of the highest peak of northern Apennines - Monte Cimone (2165 m a.s.l.). Cimone offers more than 50 km of pistes with a vast majority equipped with snow making facilities. The resort also offers a snow park, snow-kiting and freeride areas. Because the slopes lie on the northern side of the mountain, it offers decent skiing conditions between December and April despite being located in the southern Europe.


1976 m.a.s.l. 1280 m.a.s.l.
easy 2.6 km intermediate 23 km advanced 9.9 km

Resort map


PistePiste nameDifficultyLength
4Delle Marmotteintermediate3000 m
5Delle Aquileadvanced2700 m
6Delle Perniciadvanced1900 m
7Lago della Ninfaintermediate900 m
8Catinacciointermediate3600 m
9Nord Funiviaintermediate1900 m
10Direttissima Palettaadvanced1700 m
11Nord Beccadellaintermediate2100 m
12Sud Beccadellaintermediate2200 m
13Belladonnaintermediate1200 m
14Colombaccioeasy700 m
15Campo scuola Betullaeasy1100 m
16Faggiointermediate800 m
17Sette Fontaneintermediate2470 m
19Del Lagointermediate850 m
19Razzoadvanced550 m
20Campo scuola Polleeasy100 m
22Campo scuola Pian del Falcoeasy220 m
23Stadio Slalom R. Pelloniadvanced600 m
24Campo scuola Cimoncinoeasy400 m
25Baggiolara IIadvanced1300 m
26Campo scuola Maestrieasy100 m
27Baggiolaraintermediate1100 m
28Cervarola Nordintermediate1550 m
30Cervarola Sudadvanced1100 m
31Esperiaintermediate1300 m

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