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Val di Sole, Italy

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1850 m.a.s.l. 1210 m.a.s.l.
easy 21.7 km intermediate 22.9 km advanced 3.8 km snowpark 1.1 km


NoLift nameSubresortsLift type
1Costa - MoretaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
2Costa - Dosso della MadonnaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
3Malga Ortesino - Sommo AltoLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
4Francolini - Sommo AltoLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
5Baby Fondo GrandeLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
6Fondo Grande - Sommo AltoLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
7Serrada - Dosso MartinellaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
8Fondo Piccolo - Cima SpillLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
9Fondo Piccolo - TrugalaitLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
10Fondo Piccolo - CargaòreLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
11Fondo Piccolo - Cengio RossoLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
12Baby doppio Fondo PiccoloLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
13Fondo Piccolo - PlautLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
14Passo Coe - PlautLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
15Malga Pivernetta - TermentalLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
16Malga Piovernetta - Monte PiovernaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
17Coston - Monte CostonLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
183 Sassi - Monte CostonLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
19CostonLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
20FiorentiniLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
21Baita Tomasella - Costa d'AgraLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
22PennerLavaronebelt/fun belt
23CiskLavaronebelt/fun belt
24TablatLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
25SonneckLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
26Sonneck - UstLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
27Laghetto - UstLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
28LagoLavaronebelt/fun belt
29VillaggioLavaronebelt/fun belt
30Laghetto - Virgo MariaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
31Fondo Grande - Dosso MartinellaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
32RivettaLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
33Baby RivettaLavaroneT-bar/J-bar lift
34VezzenaLavaronechairlift (CLF, CLD)
35VesanLavaronebelt/fun belt


NoPiste nameSubresortsDifficultyLengthLevel difference
1Maso SpilziLavaroneeasy2325 m209 m
2Dosso della Madonna 1Lavaroneeasy512 m110 m
3OrtesinoLavaroneintermediate1019 m253 m
4Dosso della Madonna 2Lavaroneintermediate300 m110 m
5Stella d’ItaliaLavaroneintermediate1450 m253 m
6FrancoliniLavaroneintermediate1690 m311 m
7Baby Fondo GrandeLavaroneeasy270 m43 m
8SalizzonaLavaroneintermediate1006 m312 m
9Salizzona PanoramicaLavaroneeasy1680 m312 m
10AgonisticaLavaroneadvanced1325 m295 m
11PragrantLavaroneintermediate1624 m338 m
12SerradaLavaroneeasy2525 m338 m
13Slalom TollLavaroneintermediate1514 m338 m
14Cima SpillLavaroneintermediate720 m211 m
15Martinella - Fondo PiccoloLavaroneeasy1211 m156 m
16Fondo Piccolo - Fondo GrandeLavaroneeasy2111 m126 m
17TrugalaitLavaroneintermediate700 m181 m
18CargaòreLavaroneintermediate915 m142 m
19Cengio RossoLavaroneintermediate821 m119 m
20Passo CoeLavaroneeasy800 m192 m
21Baby Fondo PiccoloLavaroneeasy165 m29 m
22RainerLavaroneintermediate2230 m301 m
23PlautLavaroneeasy724 m114 m
24TermentalLavaroneeasy814 m78 m
25PiovernaLavaroneintermediate996 m154 m
26Val Delle LanzeLavaroneintermediate1708 m430 m
273 SassiLavaroneadvanced735 m131 m
28CostonLavaroneintermediate1100 m222 m
29FiorentiniLavaroneintermediate720 m117 m
30LariciLavaroneeasy830 m117 m
31Border Cross Freeride ParkLavaroneintermediate750 m131 m
32Snowpark RivettaLavaronesnowpark100 m25 m
33Masador 1-2Lavaronesnowpark500 m30 m
34Moos - pista slitteLavaronesnowpark500 m50 m
35TablatLavaroneintermediate1300 m200 m
36Le StokLavaroneeasy1600 m200 m
37BertoldiLavaroneeasy1000 m130 m
38SonnekLavaroneeasy800 m100 m
39PrackLavaroneeasy1000 m100 m
40UstLavaroneintermediate1350 m200 m
41Avez del PrinzepLavaroneadvanced1700 m400 m
42RivettaLavaroneintermediate1000 m240 m
43FratelleLavaroneeasy1300 m240 m
44Baby RivettaLavaroneeasy500 m80 m
45VezzenaLavaroneeasy1300 m200 m
46Vesan Primi PassiLavaroneeasy200 m10 m

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