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Val di Sole, Italy

Monte Vioz, PeioGFDL Arthena


3000 m.a.s.l. 1160 m.a.s.l.
easy 4 km intermediate 10 km advanced 2.4 km skiroute 0.8 km


LiftLift nameLift type
1Pejo Fonti - Tarlentagondola lift (MGD)
2Doss dei Cembrichairlift (CLF, CLD)
4Stavelinchairlift (CLF, CLD)
5BiancaneveT-bar/J-bar lift
6Mezolichairlift (CLF, CLD)
7Funifor Pejo 3000aerial tramway (ATW)


PistePiste nameDifficultyLengthLevel difference
1Tarlentaintermediate3178 m582 m
2Mezolieasy800 m132 m
3Freeride delle Goleadvanced2350 m575 m
4Doss dei Gembriintermediate2000 m355 m
5Coll. V.Mite-Doss Gembrieasy675 m73 m
6Campo Scuola Scoiattoloeasy650 m107 m
9Biancaneveeasy370 m73 m
10Collegamento Covel-Pejoeasy1500 m250 m
11Scoiattolointermediate350 m107 m
12Val della Miteintermediate2200 m641 m
13Variante dei Montiintermediate1800 m350 m
14Ski weg Doss dei Cembri - Variante dei Montiskiroute821 m61 m
15Val scuraintermediate450 m130 m

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