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Park Snow Donovaly


Donovaly TelemixGFDL Marcin Szala


1361 m.a.s.l. 914 m.a.s.l.
easy 4.9 km intermediate 5.9 km advanced 0.1 km skipark 0.2 km


LiftLift nameLift type
ATELEMIX 6/8 Nová hoľatelemix (CGD)
BPatočinyT-bar/J-bar lift
CMišútyT-bar/J-bar lift
DLomená pomaT-bar/J-bar lift
EDvojča IT-bar/J-bar lift
FDvojča IIT-bar/J-bar lift
GBuly Expres Záhradištechairlift (CLF, CLD)
P1Približovací IT-bar/J-bar lift
P2Približovací IIT-bar/J-bar lift
P3ColníciT-bar/J-bar lift
P4TriangelT-bar/J-bar lift
P5BistroT-bar/J-bar lift
P6EnciánT-bar/J-bar lift
S1Prepojovací IT-bar/J-bar lift
S2Prepojovací IIT-bar/J-bar lift
S3Funpark - Patty SkiT-bar/J-bar lift


PistePiste nameDifficultyLengthLevel difference
1Nová hoľa Iintermediate2100 m447 m
2Patočiny Iintermediate800 m217 m
3Mišútyeasy470 m384 m
4Lomená pomaeasy800 m117 m
5Dvojča IIeasy700 m115 m
6Záhradišteeasy650 m115 m
7Približovacia Ieasy400 m45 m
8Približovacia IIeasy380 m40 m
9Nová hoľa IIintermediate2200 m447 m
10Nová hoľa IIIadvanced100 m-
11Colnícieasy375 m48 m
12Triangeleasy335 m25 m
13Prepojovacia Ieasy100 m-
14Bistroeasy250 m35 m
15Enciáneasy270 m40 m
16Prepojovacia IIeasy150 m-
17Funparkskipark150 m-
2aPatočiny IIintermediate800 m217 m
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