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Ski Bachledova

Podhale Tatry-Ski, Slovakia

ŽdiarCC-BY-SA 3.0 Jozef Kotulič


1160 m.a.s.l. 820 m.a.s.l.
easy 5.5 km intermediate 3.6 km advanced 2.3 km


LiftLift nameLengthCapacity (per hour)Lift type
ATatrapoma TS 31526 m1350chairlift (CLF, CLD)
BTatralift 4-sedačka850 m2400chairlift (CLF, CLD)
CTatrapoma H130650 m900T-bar/J-bar lift
DTatrapoma F12280 m650T-bar/J-bar lift
ETatrapoma FP12450 m650T-bar/J-bar lift
GTatrapoma P180 m460T-bar/J-bar lift
HDetský areál100 m50T-bar/J-bar lift
JDouble Max (LV 2)1090 m1200T-bar/J-bar lift
KTatrapoma F10320 m460T-bar/J-bar lift


PistePiste nameDifficultyLengthLevel difference
1Bachledka Ieasy1830 m255 m
2Bachledka IIeasy270 m45 m
3Slalomákadvanced950 m310 m
4Majstrákintermediate1140 m310 m
5Efka Iadvanced650 m205 m
6Efka IIadvanced650 m205 m
7Hrebeňeasy800 m180 m
8Lendacká (freeride)easy1950 m255 m
9Chata Ieasy320 m65 m
10Chata IIeasy330 m65 m
11Furmanec Iintermediate1100 m235 m
12Furmanec IIintermediate1380 m235 m
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