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Flimspitze, SamnaunCopyright 2016 Paweł Gabryelewicz


2872 m.a.s.l. 1840 m.a.s.l.
easy 16.6 km intermediate 33 km advanced 2.4 km


LiftLift nameLengthCapacity (per hour)Travel time.Lift type
B3Förderband Musella 239 m9501 min.belt/fun belt
L1Doppelstöckige Pendelbahn (Twinliner)2269 m16206 min.aerial tramway (ATW)
L2Luftseilbahn Samnaun2297 m8006 min.aerial tramway (ATW)
M1Grivaleabahn1532 m26005 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
M2Mullerbahn792 m30003 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
N1Flimsattelbahn2695 m24009 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
N2Visnitzbahn1177 m26004 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
N3Milolift282 m7922 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
N4Viderjochbahn I1549 m30005 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
N5Alp Trider Ecklift580 m10004 min.double T-bar lift
N6Alp Trider Sattelbahn1024 m28003 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
O1Greitspitzbahn1407 m28005 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
O2Blais Grondalift775 m10004 min.double T-bar lift
O4Viderjochbahn II1299 m30004 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
P1Musellalift400 m8513 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
P2Förderband Musella 157 m9501 min.belt/fun belt


PistePiste nameDifficultyLength
60Alp Trida - Samnaun Compatscheasy4391 m
61Grivaleabahn valley - Samnaun Compatschintermediate1476 m
62Viderjoch - Alp Tridaeasy3542 m
63Idjoch - Alp Tridaeasy2128 m
64Idjoch - Alp Trida Eckeasy2891 m
65Visnitzbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate2153 m
66Visnitzbahn mountain - Mullerbahn mountainintermediate2153 m
67Mullerbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate1759 m
68Muller mountain - Muller valleyintermediate1144 m
69Alp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaeasy1771 m
70Greitspitze - Salaasintermediate2276 m
71Viderjochbahn mountain - Alp Trida Eckeasy1009 m
72Greitspitze - 72aadvanced677 m
76Grivaleabahn mountain - Gravaleabahn valleyintermediate2276 m
80piste to samnaun villageintermediate7146 m
81Zeblasbahn mountain - Samnaunadvanced1722 m
62aViderjoch - Alp Tridaintermediate2362 m
65aVisnitzbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate652 m
68aMuller mountain - Muller valleyintermediate861 m
69aAlp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaeasy836 m
69bAlp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaintermediate1574 m
70aGreitspitze - Alp Trida Eckintermediate1193 m
72aIdjoch - Alp Trida Eckintermediate763 m
80aSamnaun valley – valley station Ravaischintermediate2903 m
80bSamnaun Dorf – Talstation Ravaischintermediate1636 m
MusellaMusellaintermediate689 m

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