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Val di Fassa

Dolomiti Superski, Italy

Val di Fassa, Dolomiti SuperskiCC BY-SA 3.0 Simone Marchi


2518 m.a.s.l. 1320 m.a.s.l.
easy 23 km intermediate 85 km advanced 10 km


LiftLift nameSubresortsLift type
131Alba-CiampacAlba, Ciampacaerial tramway (ATW)
132Sella BrunecAlba, Ciampacchairlift (CLF, CLD)
133Delle BaiteAlba, CiampacT-bar/J-bar lift
134Sasso di RoccaAlba, CiampacT-bar/J-bar lift
136RosealAlba, Ciampacchairlift (CLF, CLD)
137Orsa Maggiore (carenata)Alba, Ciampacchairlift (CLF, CLD)
55Sasso LevanteCampitelloT-bar/J-bar lift
141Campitello-Col RodellaCampitelloaerial tramway (ATW)
151Salei-RodellaCampitellochairlift (CLF, CLD)
152Rodella-Des AlpesCampitellochairlift (CLF, CLD)
153Norei Cinque DitaCampitelloT-bar/J-bar lift
154Ciavazes-GrohmannCampitellochairlift (CLF, CLD)
155Pradel/RodellaCampitellogondola lift (MGD)
156Sciovia GabiaCampitelloT-bar/J-bar lift
161Col de LinCampitelloT-bar/J-bar lift
101Canazei-PecolCanazeigondola lift (MGD)
102Pecol-Col RossiCanazeiaerial tramway (ATW)
103Sass PordoiCanazeiaerial tramway (ATW)
104TEL.AGG.AUT. TOE'Canazeigondola lift (MGD)
105Pian Frataces-GherdeciaCanazeigondola lift (MGD)
106KristianiaCanazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
107Sass BecèCanazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
108BelvedereCanazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
123GonzagaCanazeiT-bar/J-bar lift
124LezuoCanazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
125SaleteiCanazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
126Vauz - Pordoi (Fodom)Canazeichairlift (CLF, CLD)
162AvisioCanazeiT-bar/J-bar lift
201Pozza-BuffaurePozzagondola lift (MGD)
202BuffaurePozzachairlift (CLF, CLD)
204Baby BuffaurePozzaT-bar/J-bar lift
205Pozza-AlochPozzachairlift (CLF, CLD)
206Col de ValvacinPozzachairlift (CLF, CLD)
207Pala del GeigerPozzachairlift (CLF, CLD)
221Pera FrainePozzaT-bar/J-bar lift
211Vigo CiampedieVigoaerial tramway (ATW)
212Scuola CiampedièVigochairlift (CLF, CLD)
215Pian Peccei-CiampedieVigochairlift (CLF, CLD)
217Vajolet 1Vigochairlift (CLF, CLD)
218Vajolet 2Vigochairlift (CLF, CLD)
223P.Peccei/Pra MartinVigochairlift (CLF, CLD)

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