Organising a ski trip? 3 simple tips to help you

Organising a ski trip is not easy, especially for those whose adventure with winter sports has just begun. Here are a few simple tricks to help make your trip successful and the decision-making process shorter.

Ski team
Ski team

1. A close-knit group

Planning a ski trip is not as straightforward as it might initially seem. There is a multitude of factors deciding whether our escapade will be a hit or a miss. It is crucial to choose the right group, whose members will have roughly similar priorities and expectations. Only once that team is decided should we begin searching for the right region or resort. Pay equal attention to both the slope difficulty and the resort's „apres-ski”, meaning free time organisation possibilities once off the slope.

2. Where and when to go

Even the choice of direction already raises several issues. The most basic guideline is to pair the destination with the expected time period to guarantee optimal weather conditions. Where to go in autumn and late spring is different from that during strictly winter months. For example, glacier skiing is a pleasure in the spring sun, but in the January cold it can be a real pain. Ski enthusiasts wishing to indulge their hobby in warm summer months should generally head to the Austrian glaciers, especially Hintertux - the only resort open both in July and August. When planning a late-spring/early autumn, the list of accomodating austrian glaciers begins to expand. Early-spring and late-autumn months open up the possibility of more economical trips, as it is during these periods that one can find offers with free skipasses. Bear in mind that not all pistes will be open during this time - there is no guarantee of snow, so it is critical to keep tabs on weather conditions - here we can recommend subscribing to SnowSpot's snow alerts. In winter months the sun joins the snow in things to look out for. It is then that Italy, with its excellent skiing infrastructure, becomes the optimal destination. It is also a good time to visit the lower-situated resorts in Austria, France, but also Slovakia or Poland. There really is something for everyone.

3. Find your trip

For all those undecided who value their time and money we address our tools on this site - including our practical search tool, which will find an optimal resort for us and will help choose a well-situated hotel or guesthouse in a reasonable price range.

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