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Samnaun is a small town in the most isolated part of the Graubünden canton. Together with the neighboring resort of Ischgl on the Austrian side, they form a ski area known as the Silvretta Arena, with a shared ski pass covering approx. 230 km of slopes. The resorts of Ischgl and Samnaun are directly connected by many lifts and slopes. Due to its unique location, it has a limited number of hotels, which may, however, be cheaper than in Ischgl. Access to Samnaun from the main Swiss transport routes is possible in winter only by the Vereina car shuttle train, connecting the Engadine valley with the rest of the country. However, you can get here directly from Austria and Italy.

Flimspitze, Samnaun
Flimspitze, Samnaun

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Id.NameLengthCapacityTravel timeLift type
180L1Doppelstöckige Pendelbahn (Twinliner)2,269 m1,620 p/h6 min.aerial tramway (ATW)
80L2Luftseilbahn Samnaun2,297 m800 p/h6 min.aerial tramway (ATW)
4M1Grivaleabahn1,532 m2,600 p/h5 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
6M2Mullerbahn792 m3,000 p/h3 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
4N1Flimsattelbahn2,695 m2,400 p/h9 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
4N2Visnitzbahn1,177 m2,600 p/h4 min.detachable chairlift (CLD)
N3Milolift282 m792 p/h2 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
6N4Viderjochbahn I1,549 m3,000 p/h5 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
N5Alp Trider Ecklift580 m1,000 p/h4 min.double T-bar lift
6N6Alp Trider Sattelbahn1,024 m2,800 p/h3 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
6O1Greitspitzbahn1,407 m2,800 p/h5 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
O2Blais Grondalift775 m1,000 p/h4 min.double T-bar lift
6O4Viderjochbahn II1,299 m3,000 p/h4 min.detachable chairlift w/bubbles (CLD-B)
P1Musellalift400 m851 p/h3 min.T-bar/J-bar lift
P2Förderband Musella 157 m950 p/h1 min.belt/fun belt
B3Förderband Musella 239 m950 p/h1 min.belt/fun belt


60Alp Trida - Samnaun Compatscheasy4,391 m
61Grivaleabahn valley - Samnaun Compatschintermediate1,476 m
62Viderjoch - Alp Tridaeasy3,542 m
62aViderjoch - Alp Tridaintermediate2,362 m
63Idjoch - Alp Tridaeasy2,128 m
64Idjoch - Alp Trida Eckeasy2,891 m
65Visnitzbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate2,153 m
65aVisnitzbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate652 m
66Visnitzbahn mountain - Mullerbahn mountainintermediate2,153 m
67Mullerbahn mountain - Alp Tridaintermediate1,759 m
68Muller mountain - Muller valleyintermediate1,144 m
68aMuller mountain - Muller valleyintermediate861 m
69Alp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaeasy1,771 m
69aAlp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaeasy836 m
69bAlp Trida Eck - Alp Tridaintermediate1,574 m
70Greitspitze - Salaasintermediate2,276 m
70aGreitspitze - Alp Trida Eckintermediate1,193 m
71Viderjochbahn mountain - Alp Trida Eckeasy1,009 m
72Greitspitze - 72aadvanced677 m
72aIdjoch - Alp Trida Eckintermediate763 m
76Grivaleabahn mountain - Gravaleabahn valleyintermediate2,276 m
80piste to samnaun villageintermediate7,146 m
80aSamnaun valley – valley station Ravaischintermediate2,903 m
80bSamnaun Dorf – Talstation Ravaischintermediate1,636 m
81Zeblasbahn mountain - Samnaunadvanced1,722 m
MusellaMusellaintermediate689 m

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