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Val di Sole, Italy

Cima PaganellaCopyright Paweł Gabryelewicz


2125 m.a.s.l. 1000 m.a.s.l.
easy 9.4 km intermediate 22.5 km advanced 1.2 km


LiftLift nameLengthCapacity (per hour)Lift type
1Andalo - Doss Pela2440 m2600gondola lift (MGD)
2Albi de Mez - Cima Paganella1200 m2200chairlift (CLF, CLD)
4Malga Zambana - La Selletta935 m1200chairlift (CLF, CLD)
6Camposcuola Laghet - Doss154 m1028T-bar/J-bar lift
7Laghet - Prati di Gaggia1235 m1800gondola lift (MGD)
8Campo Scuola Teresat252 m1795T-bar/J-bar lift
9Prati di Gaggia - Paganella 21783 m1500chairlift (CLF, CLD)
10S.Antonio1166 m1800chairlift (CLF, CLD)
11Salare Conca840 m1795chairlift (CLF, CLD)
12Santel - Meritz1341 m2160chairlift (CLF, CLD)
13Meriz550 m1028chairlift (CLF, CLD)
15La Selletta - Cima Paganella600 m1800chairlift (CLF, CLD)
16Meriz - La Selletta2023 m2200chairlift (CLF, CLD)
17Camposcuola Rindole - Dos de Lava175 m1480T-bar/J-bar lift


PistePiste nameDifficultyLengthLevel difference
ALa Roccaintermediate1800 m389 m
BMerizeasy550 m102 m
CDosso Lariciintermediate1900 m414 m
DPanoramicaintermediate1400 m288 m
ETre-tre (Selletta)intermediate1100 m237 m
FMalga Zambana (Traliccio)intermediate600 m160 m
GOlimpionica 3intermediate1300 m351 m
HOlimpionica 2advanced1200 m307 m
IOlimpionica 1intermediate2300 m367 m
JSan Antonio 2easy1000 m234 m
LCacciatori 1easy2900 m434 m
MCacciatori 2intermediate2500 m307 m
OSkiweg Conca D'argentoeasy700 m84 m
PSan Antonio 1easy1000 m234 m
QPaganella 2intermediate2900 m417 m
RCampo Scuola Teresateasy350 m58 m
SGaggiaintermediate1800 m303 m
TCampo scuola Rindoleeasy550 m44 m
UCampo scuola Lagheteasy430 m32 m
VNuvola Rossaintermediate3500 m678 m
WSalareeasy1200 m190 m
XSkiweg lo scoiattoloeasy600 m25 m
ZLupettointermediate1400 m357 m
M1Snowpark Dossonbeginner--
M2Baby Parkbeginner--
S1Kids Parkbeginner--
T3Tapis Roulant Rolly Marchieasy85 m20 m

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